Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is a surgical procedure to replace the damaged surface of the knee joint. A patient needs a knee replacement if your knee gives you pain or stiffness that affects your daily life and activities. Our hospital is considered to be one of the best hospitals for the treatment of knee pain in Hyderabad. If arthritis affects only one side of your knee, you may need a single knee replacement. Partial knee replacements can be carried out through a smaller cut than a total knee replacement, using minimally invasive surgery. We have some of the best doctors for knee replacement surgery in Hyderabad on board.

A total knee replacement surgery is a procedure where the affected knee joint is replaced with artificial prosthetic material. It may also involve replacing the under-surface of your kneecap (patella) with a smooth plastic dome when the original patella is very damaged. The prostheses come in several different configurations designed for the replacement of specific patterns of advanced arthritis. The metal-plastic combination of the knee bearings is the most common type used in knee replacement implants. At our hospital, In the knee replacement surgery, the orthopaedic surgeon removes damaged cartilage and bone from the knee and attaches metal implants to the ends of the thigh and calf bones along with a plastic spacer to ensure smooth movement in the joint.

Post-surgery, it is advised to follow your doctor’s orders about being active in the weeks after the surgery and practice Physical therapy, which includes exercises for flexibility and strength. Generally, the patient will be able to stand within 12 to 24 hours after your operation and can walk with the help of a crutch in about a week.

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