Hemorrhoids / Piles

What are Hemorrhoids / Piles?


Have you ever had bleeding while passing stools? If so, then chances are that your hemorrhoids are causing the problem. More commonly known as Piles, Haemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lowest part of your rectum & anus. Most often, the walls of these blood vessels stretch so thin that the veins bulge and get irritated, especially when you poop.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Generally, there are 2 types of Hemorrhoids – Internal & External.

Internal Haemorrhoids are far inside your rectum that you can’t usually see or feel them. They do not generally hurt because there is not much pain-sensing nerve activity in this area, but some people may experience mild discomfort when pooping (especially if they have prolapsed")

Symptoms of Internal Hemorrhoids -

  • Blood after you pass stool, on the Toilet Paper or in the Toilet Bowl.
  • Tissue bulged outside your anal opening.

External Haemorrhoids are under the skin around your anus, where there are many more pain-sensing nerves.

Symptoms of External Hemorrhoids -

  • Itching or irritation in the anal region
  • Painful bowel movements
  • Discomfort
  • Swelling around the anus
  • Bleeding

Causes & Risk Factors of Haemorrhoids

You may be more likely to get hemorrhoids if other family members, like your parents or older siblings, have them.

It can also be caused by –

  • Excessive straining during bowel movements
  • Chronic constipation
  • Straining while lifting heavyweights
  • Another major risk factor is a pregnancy where the growing uterus presses against veins
  • Diet low in fibre

Treatment for Haemorrhoids

Treatment for Haemorrhoids/ Piles depends on how severe your symptoms are –

Non surgical remedies

  • High fibre diets
  • Avoiding straining at stools
  • Sitz baths
  • Laxatives

  • Surgical Treatment Options –
    • Open haemorrhoidectomy
    • Minimally invasive procedure for prolapsed haemorrhoids (MIPH)
    • Laser haemorrhoidectomy (only for grade 1 and 2)

    Treatment for Haemorrhoids

    • Include a Fibre-based diet/ fibre supplements in your daily routine.
    • Drink plenty of water/fluids
    • Exercise daily
    • Don’t unnecessarily straining during bowel movement
    • Keep a Healthy Weight

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