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Diabetology & Endocrinology​

Department of Endocrinology & Diabetology

The department of Diabetology & Endocrinology at Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pul, Hyderabad, Hyderabad aims to provide the best possible patient care by incorporating the latest treatments. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to hormones, including hypertension or high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. We are considered to be the best diabetology hospital in Hyderabad.

Diabetes is a condition in which the human body stops producing or fails to properly use insulin which is a hormone that is required to convert food into energy. The three main types of diabetes – type 1, type 2 and gestational are all defined as metabolic disorders that affect the way the body uses digested food to make glucose. We are one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad for the diagnosis and treatment of different forms of Diabetes.

Endocrinology is the field of hormone-related diseases that deals with the endocrine system. These glands secrete hormones into the blood. Hormones of the endocrine system perform various functions and may have different effects depending on which organ is targeted. Many laboratory tests are used for diagnosis, which may include diagnostic imaging. Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pul has some of the best endocrinologists in Hyderabad who will perform various tests to provide personalized care to the patient. We are one of the best hospitals for endocrine disorders in Hyderabad as we treat the patient by observing changes on a cellular level.

Why Choose Us?

Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pul, Hyderabad offer end-to-end clinical, surgical and diagnostic services. Our facility is recognized as one of the best hospitals for endocrine disorders in Hyderabad housing experienced medical specialists, providing expert care in the field of endocrinology.

Endocrine disorders are mostly related to the lifestyle of the patient and require an individualized approach in treatment which can be done by customizing the treatment plan to ensure the best possible care of the patient. Global Hospital has some of the best endocrinologists in Hyderabad and collaborates with doctors from other specialities to maximize treatment benefits for the patient.

Our team of skilled physicians provides help and treats conditions like thyroid, pituitary disorders, and other endocrinological issues in patients. One of the best team of diabetologists in Hyderabad and endocrinologists offer the best health care, innovative medicines, advanced technology and treatment to the patients for a healthy living.


Being one of the best hospitals for diabetes management in Hyderabad, the services offered by the department of diabetology include the following:

  • Fasting plasma glucose (FPG) test: The fasting plasma glucose test (FPG) is the preferred method to screen diabetes. The FPG test measures a person’s blood sugar level after fasting for at least 8 hours.
  • A1C test to diagnose diabetes: A1C test is a blood test that reflects your average blood glucose levels over the past three months. The A1C test is also called the HbA1c or glycated haemoglobin test.
  • Random plasma glucose (RPG) test: It is a blood test that’s performed any time of day and doesn’t require the patient to fast. RPC measures the sugar level in your blood at that particular moment.
  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT): A glucose tolerance test measures how well your body’s cells can absorb glucose (sugar) after you consume a specific amount of sugar.

Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pul, Hyderabad is of the best endocrinology hospitals in Hyderabad for the diagnosis of various endocrine disorders. Some of the diagnostic tests we use in the Endocrinology Department:

  • 24-Hour Urine Collection Test: A 24-hour urine collection is done to measure the number of hormones present in your body. It is done by collecting your urine in a special container maintained at a low temperature.
  • ACTH Stimulation Test: The ACTH stimulation test measures how well the adrenal glands respond to the adrenocorticotropic hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland.
  • Bone Density Test: a bone density test, detects whether you have osteoporosis, a word that comes from Greek and means “porous bone.”
  • CRH Stimulation Test: The CRH stimulation test helps a doctor determine what causes a drop or rise in a patient’s adrenal hormones. CRH (corticotropin-releasing hormone) is a naturally-occurring hormone that causes the pituitary gland to secrete ACTH hormone. Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pul, Hyderabad proudly host the best endocrinologist in Hyderabad.
  • Dexamethasone Suppression Test: Dexamethasone suppression test is used to measure if the adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) secretion by the pituitary gland can be controlled. During this test, you will receive dexamethasone. This is a strong human-made (synthetic) glucocorticoid medicine.
  • Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy: Fine needle aspiration is a type of biopsy procedure in which a thin needle is inserted into an area of the cyst to sample body fluid.
  • Semen Analysis: Semen analysis, also known as a sperm count test, is done to analyse the health and viability of a man’s sperm to determine the underlying cause of a patient’s inability to conceive.
  • Thyroid Scan: A thyroid scan is a specialized imaging procedure for examining your thyroid gland that controls your metabolism.
  • TSH Blood Test: A TSH test is done to find out if your thyroid gland is working the way it should. The patient can get the TSH test done if too much thyroid hormone is secreted into the body, affecting the weight and mood of the individual.

Treatments & Procedures

Diabetes is one of the most common ailments worldwide and can affect both teenagers and older individuals. Although it is seemingly dormant, diabetes is the precursor to various other diseases as well. Diabetes patients need to take extreme care with their way of living to maintain proper blood glucose levels. Being amongst the best hospital for diabetes in Hyderabad, The Department of Diabetology at Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pul, Hyderabad provides comprehensive Diabetes management programs. We employ some of Hyderabad’s most well-known Diabetologists to deliver the best diabetic care for the following disorders:

  • Type 1 diabetes: Type 1 diabetes, also called juvenile diabetes, occurs when your immune system destroys cells in your pancreas called beta cells that produce insulin. Glucose doesn’t move into your blood cells because insulin is not present.
  • Type 2 diabetes: Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong disease that keeps your body from using insulin properly. Your pancreas makes a hormone called insulin, but in type 2 diabetes, the patient’s blood cells don’t use it as well as they should.

Your body either resists the effects of insulin or does not produce enough insulin to maintain normal glucose levels. People with type 2 diabetes are insulin resistant. Type 2 diabetes affects major organs such as the heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes, and kidneys. Controlling your blood sugar levels can help prevent complications arising. Symptoms include:

  • Being very thirsty
  • Peeing a lot
  • Blurry vision
  • Being cranky

The Department of Endocrinology deals with the malfunction of hormones in the body. Hormones play a vital role in the day-to-day functions as well as the natural growth of the body. Typical malfunction of hormones in the body includes – thyroid malfunction, diabetes, etc. Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pul, Hyderabad offers the best treatment for all hormonal imbalances.

The procedures are undertaken for the following diseases at the Department of Endocrinology:

  • Addison’s Disease
  • Adrenal cancer
  • Carcinoid tumours
  • Early puberty
  • Goitre
  • Hashimoto’s Disease
  • Hirsutism
  • Hypercortisolism
  • Hyperglycaemia in Diabetes
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hypoparathyroidism
  • Hypopituitarism
  • Hypothyroidism

Diseases and Conditions treated by the Department of Endocrinology

Obesity Management

The Endocrine Society recommends that diet, exercise, and behavioural modifications be part of all obesity management approaches.

Assessment & Treatment of Thyroid Disorders

For thyroid disorders stemming from the over or underproduction of thyroid hormone restoration of the hormone levels is done to attain proper balance by using drugs or surgery

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder which when diagnosed early and treated along with weight loss may reduce the risk of long-term complications such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Pituitary Disorders

With pituitary disorders, you often have too much or too little of one of your hormones. Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pul, Hyderabad have the best facilities to diagnose diabetes in Hyderabad

Adrenal Problems

The adrenal glands are small glands located on top of each kidney. With adrenal gland disorders, there is either a deficiency or excess amount of a particular hormone in the body.

Parathyroid Disorders

Parathyroid disorders are associated with abnormal levels of calcium in the blood that can cause brittle bones, kidney stones, fatigue, and other problems.

Adrenal Disorders

The main diseases of a hyperactive adrenal gland include: primary hyperaldosteronism (too much aldosterone), Cushing’s syndrome (too much cortisol), and pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma (too much adrenaline).

Pituitary Disorders

Pituitary disorders are conditions caused by too much or too little of one or more of the hormones produced by the pituitary gland that affect processes throughout the body. We have the best diabetes doctor in Hyderabad.

Reproductive Disorders

: Reproductive disorders and infertility are associated with the risk of obstetric complications and have a negative impact on pregnancy outcome. Affected patients often require assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to conceive, and advanced maternal age is a further confounding factor.

Metabolic Disorders

A metabolic disorder occurs when abnormal chemical reactions in your body disrupt the metabolic process of breaking down food into energy. When this happens, your body might have an imbalanced proportion of hormones needed to stay healthy.

Our Doctors – Endocrinologists/Diabetologists

Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pul, Hyderabad, provides you with some of the best endocrinologists – diabetes doctors in Hyderabad, and it lies amongst the best hospital for diabetes in Hyderabad. It has the best endocrinologist in Hyderabad who are widely renowned in their respective fields and come with a wide range of experience and expertise. Specialists in various branches of Endocrinology, our endocrinologist doctors deliver comprehensive treatment and care. Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pul, Hyderabad, has a variety of ingenious treatments for diabetes that are customized to best suit the patient’s needs. The hospital offers various tests to accurately diagnose and treat diabetic and endocrinology ailments and provide in-patient care for post-surgery recovery.

FAQs related to Diabetology & Endocrinology

Which is the best hospital for endocrinology & diabetology in Hyderabad?

Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi ka pul is among the hospital for endocrinology & diabetology in Hyderabad, providing world-class clinical, surgical and diagnostic services & care in endocrinology.

What is endocrinology?

Endocrinology is a field of hormone-related disease that deals with the human body’s endocrine system. Hormones of the endocrine system perform various functions and may have different effects on different organs of the human body.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a medical condition in which the human body stops producing or fails to properly use insulin, a hormone required to convert food into energy.

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