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The heart is an integral part of the human body. Any significant injury in the heart or if the heart malfunctions may prove to be lethal. It is necessary to get treated for heart injury or heart pain immediately. Any discomfort or pain in the heart requires immediate medical attention. It is mandatory to consult the best heart transplant doctor in Hyderabad, to get effective treatment and cure. Doctors ask the patients to undergo heart transplant surgery in two cases:

  1. If all the other treatments and medications have failed to provide a satisfactory cure.
  2. If the patient is suffering from end-stage heart failure.

A heart transplant (or cardiac transplant) is carried out in either of the two cases. A heart transplant surgery is a crucial procedure, and it is advisable to choose the best hospital for a heart transplant in Hyderabad. Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-Pul in Hyderabad, is considered the best hospital for treating heart failure in Hyderabad because we house some of the best heart transplant specialists for heart surgery in Hyderabad.

Our doctors, infrastructure, facilities, and reliable care make us rank among the best hospitals for heart transplant surgery in Hyderabad. Our hospital takes complete care of our heart patients from diagnosis, treatment, surgery to after-cure. Before the surgery, significant tests and procedures are carried out on the patient to get information about the condition of the heart. Our hospital houses test centres, well-equipped labs, ICUs, and operation theatres and ensure the results and treatment are reliable, making us the best heart transplant hospital in Hyderabad.

Why choose us for Heart Transplant services?

Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-Pul in Hyderabad, is one of the best hospitals for the treatment of heart failure in Hyderabad. Some of the main reasons which make us preferred by heart patients from across the country are:

  • Our Doctors: The foremost reason why we top the list of the best hospital for a heart transplant in Hyderabad, is our team of doctors who strive continuously to cure a heart patient completely. We only house some of the best heart transplant doctor in Hyderabad, who hold years of experience and suggest the treatment and medications according to the patient.
  • Infrastructure: Our hospital has great infrastructure. Starting from well-ventilated and clean rooms, well-equipped labs, ICUs. Operation theatres, to cafeteria providing healthy food. A patient will not experience a lack of comfort anytime during his (or her) treatment.
  • Complete treatment: Once a heart failure patient approaches our hospital, all the needs and treatment of him (or her) are taken care of. All the diagnostic tests can be done at our hospital itself, and the test reports are analysed by the best heart transplant specialist in Hyderabad. The doctors analyse the report and suggest the best possible treatment or even a heart transplant.
  • Well-equipped labs and OTs: Our labs and operation theatres are filled with all the necessary equipment. We make sure to impart the latest technology in our treatment to provide an effective cure to our patients. We also house ICUs, which house all the necessary medical instruments.
  • Reliable: Our hospital has gained numerous loyal customers over the years. Our affordable treatment and safe space for heart surgery make us the best hospital for heart transplant surgery in Hyderabad.

Diagnosis of Heart conditions

Diagnosis is a process of carrying out various tests on the patient’s body, which helps the doctor to figure out the exact issue in the heart. Our hospital has labs, diagnostic centres, and scan machines, so the heart failure patient can get all the tests done under one roof. Some major procedures that are carried out before heart transplant include:

  • LVAD: Left ventricular assist device (LVAD) is a mechanical circulatory support device which is used to pump blood to the entire body. Usually, the left part of the heart does this work, but if it is not functioning properly, then a patient has to undergo surgery and get LVAD fitted inside them.
  • RVAD: The blood is pumped to the lungs from the right side of the heart. When the right portion of the heart does not function properly, then RVAD is fitted into the patient. The patient has to undergo heart surgery, in which a small cut is made, and the RVAD device is placed inside the patient’s body. The RVAD receives the power to work and pump blood via batteries.
  • BiVAD:  (Bi-ventricular assist device) is a battery-operated device that is placed in patients who are experiencing heart failure in both the left and right chambers of the heart. BiVAD is a combination of LVAD and RVAD and does the work of both. It delivers blood to both the body and the lungs.

The doctor analyses the condition of the patient’s heart thoroughly and suggests the best heart support device for the patient.

Treatment of Heart Failure

Some of the most common questions that are raised by heart failure patients and their families about heart transplant surgery include:

What is Gleneagles Global Heart Transplant Program?

The Gleneagles Global Heart Transplant Program has been curated for end-stage heart failure patients. The program covers everything, starting from educating the patient about the disease and its treatment, diagnosis, treatment, and complete after-cure. We are considered one of the best hospitals for a heart transplant in Hyderabad as we ensure a safe and effective surgery. The surgery is performed by some of the best heart transplant surgeons in Hyderabad.

How do you know when you need a heart transplant?

A heart transplant is prescribed to those patients who have failed to show any improvement to medications and other treatments. When a patient’s heart is not functioning properly and causes heart pain, it’s time to undergo surgery.

Who constitutes a heart transplant team?

The heart transplant team consists of heart surgeons, physiotherapists, nurses, dietitians, cardiologists, and other medical staff. As a team, all of them take immense care of the patient.

What will my scars look like?

The scar, immediately after the surgery, runs in the centre of the chest. In a few months, the scar size will reduce considerably, and only a thin line would be visible.

What can I know about the donor? Can I contact the family?

There is no rule against contacting the donor’s family. But most of the time, the privacy of both the patient and the donor is respected.

What can I do to keep my new heart healthy?

Follow all the instructions given by your doctor. Take medicines regularly. Follow a healthy lifestyle and make sure to include mild exercise into your life to keep your new heart healthy.

Can I travel internationally after a transplant?

Utmost is care is required after heart transplant surgery. If you are going on an international trip, consult with your doctor, and keep all your medications handy. The best heart transplant specialist in Hyderabad will give you appropriate guidelines.

Can I swim in a public pool after a transplant?

Yes, you can, but take care of your surroundings. Do not jump into the pool. Make sure that your immunity or health is not compromised.

Can I see a dentist after transplant?

Yes, you can. Maintaining good oral hygiene will keep the patient away from infections and fungal diseases.

Can I consume alcohol after getting a heart transplant?

A person can consume alcohol. But it is advisable not to take alcohol or limit the consumption to keep the new heart healthy.

How do I protect myself from getting infections?

Take the utmost care of your new heart. Take a healthy diet, do mild exercise, and keep away from dust and pollution. Be always aware of your surroundings and any discomfort; consult the doctor immediately.

How soon after a transplant, can I return to work?

It depends entirely on the patient. Some may feel well after two weeks, while some may take a longer time to recover. Consult your doctor before returning to work. The time period to return to work also depends on the nature of the work.

How soon after a transplant, can I start driving?

The answer to this depends on the patient’s health condition. Some patients recover within two weeks, whereas some take around six months. The average period after which a person can start driving is six weeks.

Will I be on medication for the rest of my life?

Yes, you have to be on medications for the rest of your life to maintain a healthy post-surgery

Will I be able to have children after the transplant?

A person can definitely get pregnant after heart surgery, but the pregnancy must be carefully planned. Consult a gynaecologist and heart surgeon before planning.

Will I experience pain after surgery?

A patient would not undergo unbearable pain, but due to an incision made on the body, the patient may feel mild pain or discomfort. Choose Gleneagles Global Hospital, as we are one of the best hospitals for heart transplant surgery in Hyderabad, and we offer safe and effective surgery, conducted by the best heart transplant doctor in Hyderabad.

How long can the heart be stored in transit?

The donor’s heart must be stored only for a time period of four to six hours. If a heart is stored for a longer duration, it may affect the health of the patient undergoing surgery.

How is the donor heart preserved during the transplant?

The donor’s heart is preserved with immense care. The heart is placed in a bag, filled with a sterile solution. This bag is then covered with insulating materials and is placed in a clean box.

Is the heart transplant surgery very complicated?

To undergo heart transplant surgery, the patient must be physically fit and mentally stable. Heart transplant surgery is a crucial process and requires the utmost care. It is necessary to get treated only from the best hospital to get safe and effective surgery.

When and where was the first heart transplant performed?

The first heart transplant was conducted in the year 1967, on 3rd December. It was performed in Cape Town, at Groote Schuur Hospital.

Our Doctors – Cardiac Surgeons

We take pride in being the best hospital for a heart transplant in Hyderabad. This title would not have been possible without our team of dedicated and hard-working doctors who put their time, effort, heart, and soul into their profession. A heart failure patient need not worry about under-going a heart transplant surgery, as our team of best heart transplant surgeon in Hyderabad ensures a safe and effective surgery. They have the experience, expertise, and complete knowledge about end-stage heart failure issues. The heart surgery team comprises of heart transplant surgeons, cardiologists, well-trained medical staff, heart transplant coordinators, and many more, who ensure that the patient undergoes a safe and comfortable surgery.

Visit our hospital and experience world-class facilities and affordable treatment. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals will provide the best possible treatment and cure. Another reason that makes us the best hospital for treatment of heart failure in Hyderabad is that we offer complete treatment, starting from diagnostic tests, consultation, to surgery.

Best Cardiologist Hyderabad DrMSaiSudhakar
Dr M Sai Sudhakar

MD, DM , FRCP (Edin), FACC (USA)

Chief Interventional Cardiologist & Chief Cardiac Transplant Physician

FAQ related to Heart Transplant Hospital

Which is the best heart transplant hospital in Hyderabad?

Gleneagles Global Hospital Lakdi ka Pul is considered the best hospital for treating heart failure and heart transplants in Hyderabad. They have some of the best heart transplant specialists in Hyderabad.

Which are the few cases where heart transplant surgery is required?

A few crucial cases where heart transplant surgery is needed are

  1. If treatments and medications provided have not resulted in a satisfactory cure.
  2. For patients suffering from end-stage heart failure.

Who constitutes a heart transplant team?

For taking immense treatment and care of the patient Gleneagles Global Hospital heart transplant team consists of

  • Heart surgeons
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nurses
  • Dietitians
  • Cardiologists
  • Other medical staff

We are with you in your journey to better health

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