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Emergency, Acute Care Medicine and Trauma

Emergency, Acute Care Medicine & Trauma

Critical care and ambulance service is required when a patient is facing some emergency issues or life-threatening disorders. In these cases, the patient is admitted to the emergency care unit and the ambulance service is very quick. A team of doctors is always present in the emergency department, who are trained and have experience in handling complicated and urgent cases. Extreme care and precision are required while handling medical emergency situations. The patient’s life is at risk during the medical emergency period, and hence he (or she) must be admitted to the best hospital for an emergency in Hyderabad to get the required treatment.

Effective trauma care must be given to patients who are suffering from sudden and major injuries like falls, slips, accidents, or gunshot wounds that may cause trauma. Patients facing life-threatening are immediately admitted to the hospital, and the treatment and procedures are handled by the emergency care department. The patient is admitted into the emergency care if the bleeding is intense, or the patient lacks senses.

Acute care medicine is a branch of the emergency department. In this, the patient is given effective treatment for the affected area for a short duration of time.

Gleneagles Global Hospital is considered one of the best hospitals for critical care in Hyderabad as our emergency department team and ambulance service is alert and quick with their work. Along with speed, we also ensure that the quality of the treatment remains good. We have combined the experience of doctors and the latest technology. Our hospital ensures that the patient receives the benefit of the latest medical advancements, and hence we are continuously working with technology to create effective medical instruments.

Why Choose Gleneagles Global Hospital, Hyderabad for Emergency, Acute Care Medicine & Trauma?

Gleneagles Global Hospital ranks amongst the best hospital for an emergency in Hyderabad because we offer effective treatment for an affordable cost. Some of the major factors that make us the best hospital for critical care in Hyderabad include:

Our team of Doctors: One of the main reasons why people prefer our emergency department is because of the team of doctors. We only take the best and experienced doctors in our team, so a patient need not worry about the quality of treatment. Our doctors handle emergency cases effectively, and the patient would get immediate care.

Medical staff: Our emergency department team comprises doctors, nurses, coordinators, and other staff, who respond quickly to a situation. We make sure to provide the best trauma care possible.

Infrastructure: Another vital reason for people preferring us is our infrastructure. Starting from rooms, well-equipped ICUs, emergency medical kits, ambulance, to technologically advanced medical devices, our hospital has them all.

Reliability: A person is admitted into the critical care unit only when he (or she) is facing a life-threatening issue. In that case, the scenario is of life or death. We make sure to take the utmost care during these cases and produce positive results.

Complete treatment: A patient needing medical care in an emergency has not much time and needs to get well effectively. Hence, starting from diagnosis, treatment, after cure, our hospital takes care of the entire treatment.

Diagnosis Capabilities

The process of carrying out various tests on the patient’s body to isolate and identify the ailment is known as a diagnosis. The diagnosis process is mandatory as it gives the doctor an insight into your organs and helps them to come up with an effective cure. Under an emergency situation, some major tests like blood tests (to identify the blood group of the patient), X-ray, scans are conducted. Apart from the general tests, a physical examination is done, and the medical history is analysed.

At our hospital, we house all the test centres, scan centres, and medical labs. All our ambulances are fitted with medical emergency kits. A patient facing a life-threatening medical condition shall receive all the treatment and its related diagnostic procedures at our hospital itself.

Depending on the need, correct and quick diagnostic tests are conducted for patients undergoing critical care. A patient may be put into critical care if he (or she) has a disease related to the central nervous system, respiratory diseases, head injury, haemorrhage injury, or cerebrovascular accidents. After the diagnostic tests (blood tests, physical examination, Scans, MRI, X-rays, etc.) the doctor analyses the results and suggests the best treatment.

Under an emergency case, the patient has absolutely not a single minute extra to spare. Hence, the tests and procedures are conducted quickly and effectively by our team, and the patient is immediately put into an ICU or emergency ward.

Treatments and Trauma Care Facilities

Gleneagles Global Hospital is considered one of the best hospitals for critical care in Hyderabad because we provide effective treatment and cure to our patients for affordable prices. We ensure the complete cure and satisfaction of our patients. We have a separate department for emergency cases. Our emergency department has experienced doctors, nurses, counsellors, physiotherapists, and other medical staff. They make sure that the patient does not feel discomfort during any stage of the treatment, and all his (or her) needs are taken care of. We offer effective treatment in the department of emergency medicine and acute care medicine. We provide good critical care and trauma care to our patients. All the diagnostic procedures, tests, surgeries, and treatment, are carried out in one campus so that the patient need not take the trouble of going from one place to another.

Surgical Critical Care

We have a special team of doctors who handle this department. When a person is critical (extremely serious condition), he (or she) will require extreme care and advanced treatment to make it. Surgery conducted during the critical stage may decide the life of the patient. Hence, we take no chances and offer the best. We have combined the best surgeons, doctors, anaesthesia specialists, trauma psychiatrists, medically alert staff for this department.The problems treated under medical surgery cases include:

1. Extreme bleeding

2. Deep infections

3. Some factors causing bowel obstruction

4. Inflammation of the abdomen or its surrounding region

5. Abdominal catastrophes

Trauma care

Trauma is a condition that is caused when a person faces a sudden and painful experience. It may affect the physical health or mental health, or both. A person experiencing trauma must be given immediate medical attention in order to get cured quickly and effectively.

The trauma care department has various sub-departments. Some of the departments that come under the trauma care department include emergency medicine, neurosurgery, department of anaesthesia, critical care department, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and orthopaedics department. Our hospital offers effective treatment to trauma and its related health conditions. We have some of the best doctors from various departments to treat the patient completely. Some of the effective treatments for trauma include therapies and exercises.

The treatment for emergency health disorders includes blood transfusion (in case of blood loss), giving pain-lowering medications, conducting surgery, etc. In the case of fractures or bone-related issues, the patient is examined by the orthopaedic and treatment planned. Apart from the treatment, the patient is observed 24×7 for any fluctuations in the health condition.

We are considered one of the best hospitals for an emergency in Hyderabad is because we offer treatment to many diseases and have conducted numerous successful surgeries and operations.

Our divisions include:

  1. 24×7 Monitoring: We are present for our patients 24 hours a day. Any medical emergency is attended immediately by our surgeons who are available in the hospital throughout the day.
  2. Complete cure: Our emergency department is a combination of various branches like neuroscience, orthopaedics, psychology, etc. A patient can experience effective recovery.
  3. Insight into the future: We are continuously experimenting and working to exploit the technology.
  4. World-class facilities: Our only aim is to provide quality treatment and care to all the patients. We offer well-equipped ICUs, operation theatres, medical labs, and scan centers.

Our Doctors – Specialists

During emergency cases, the patient requires immediate attention. Even a minute is precious and must not be wasted. People prefer our emergency department as we take action immediately and leave no room for any delay. Our hospital is considered one of the best hospitals for general medicine in Hyderabad, mainly because of our doctors. Our doctors act well and fast during emergency times and ensure the safety of the patient.

We have some of the best general medicine doctors in Hyderabad who strive hard and put in all their efforts to save the life of the patient and cure them completely. We only take the doctors who have expertise in general medicine and internal medicine and who hold at least a few years of experience. At Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pul, make sure that all the patients get effective treatment for an affordable cost. We surely are growing with technology and getting better to serve our patients better.

Dr S Maneendra
Dr Maneendra



Dr Razi Iqbal

MBBS, DEM (Diploma In Emergency Medicine), MEM (Master’s In Emergency Medicine), FID (Fellowship In Diabetes)

Consultant, Emergency Physician

Dr Syed Arifuddin

MBBS, MEM (Masters' of Emergency Medicine)

Consultant, Emergency

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