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Mental Health & Psychiatry

Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health

The Department of Psychiatry of Gleneagles Global Hospital, Hyderabad, provides in depth and wide range of patient services, including emergency and hospital care, general and specialized outpatient services for adults, children, teenagers. It also has a 24-bed hospital unit, psychological and educational evaluation services, dedicated psychiatric services both for surgical hospitals and outpatients, a program of addictions, a neurotheology. Over 100 affiliated psychiatrists and psychologists from the department are uniquely trained as physicians, researchers, and teachers, including some of the most experienced and acknowledged specialists in the field of mental health, especially in psychopharmacology, cognitive-behavioural therapy, and behavioural medicine.

Due to these exceptional results, we are among the best hospital for mental health treatment in Hyderabad. The Department of Psychiatry scientists are starting to map the processes through which brain biology interacts with life situations and events to produce psychiatric diseases thanks to tools such as neuroimaging, genetics and genomics. This work facilitates the identification of damaged brain areas, recognizing genetic risk factors and the function of environmental stress, creating more efficient psychotherapies, medications and neurotherapeutic interventions, and eventually preventing these diseases from arising through early intervention. We are hence amongst the best hospital for treatment of psychiatric disorder in Hyderabad.

Why Choose us for Mental Health Services?

The Psychiatry Department is involved in a variety of “bottom-up” efforts to improve the efficiency of the operation. Two wide-scale examples include attempts to improve screening levels for alcohol issue use and efforts to improve compliance with national metabolic syndrome management guidelines. The department has more than 60 specialized clinical and research services that treat various aspects of psychiatric disorders. The psychiatric disorders include depression, schizophrenia, and a variety of other mental health disorders such as anxiety, anxiety, attention deficit, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive, and post-traumatic stress. All of them are complicated, stressful, often chronic conditions that alter those who suffer from them’ perceptions, feelings, and behaviours. We are amongst the best hospital for mental health treatment in Hyderabad.

Our physicians offer a wealth of experience and immense knowledge that has helped us to become India’s top psychiatric hospital. We seek to provide our patients with an all-round experience to ensure they can live a healthy, stress-free life again. At our centre dedicated specifically to the treatment of mental health in Hyderabad, our in-house pros know what they are responsible for and guarantee the best services with guaranteed results. We have some of the best psychiatrists in Hyderabad to help you and assist you in making and leading a stress-free life.

Psychiatric Diagnoses

You may have a physical examination to assess diagnosis and to test for related complications. A doctor will try to rule out the symptoms of physical problems. Tests of the laboratory may include, for instance, a thyroid function test or an alcohol and drug screening. A psychological assessment where Your symptoms, thoughts, emotions, and behaviour patterns are discussed with a doctor or psychiatrist. In order to answer certain questions, you may be asked to fill out a questionnaire.

Sometimes figuring out which mental illness can cause the symptoms is difficult. But taking time and effort to get a clear diagnosis can help identify the care that is needed. The more knowledge you have, the more ready you will be to work with your psychiatrist to understand what your symptoms might be.

There are three tiers of examination that are performed by doctors to ensure an accurate diagnosis. These include:

  • Physical examination and neurological health: The doctor rules out the chance of any physical ailment that may be causing the symptoms.
  • Laboratory tests: These tests are done to exclude any other conditions like thyroid malfunction or vitamin deficiency.
  • Brain imaging: It is a process that checks for changes in brain structure as a result of Alzheimer’s disease. It includes tests like CT(Computerized Tomography) scan, MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging), PET( Positron Emission Tomography) scan, and cerebrospinal fluid examination.
  • Psychological Examination: The doctor, or more specifically, a psychologist, talk to about your thoughts, feelings, and symptoms. You may also be asked to fill a questionnaire that is then critically analysed by the doctor for any major symptoms of mental health disorder.

At our centre, there are different classes of mental health disorders that are diagnosed, making it one of the best hospitals for the treatment of psychiatric disorders in Hyderabad. Some of them are described below:


This type of mental health disorder affects cognitive brain function, hampering a person’s way of thinking, communicating, and talking. People with this disorder hear noises that aren’t there, and this is one of their main symptoms.

Bipolar disease

It changes the patient’s personality and is more related to mood disorder. In people suffering from such disorders, there are constant fluctuations in mood.


This one does the greatest damage to the emotional quotient of an individual. The disease can have a significant impact on the ability of an individual to function normally.

Obsessive-compulsive and associated diseases

:Signs of this form of the condition include fears and obsessions about certain issues such as cleanliness.


Troubles of terror. Anxiety, along with unnecessary anxiety, is an emotion marked by the anticipation of future risk or misfortune. It may include behavior aimed at avoiding anxiety-causing situations. This class encompasses common conditions of anxiety, panic disorder, and phobias.

Mental Health Treatment

Depending on the type of mental illness you have, the extent, and what works best for you, the care depends. A mix of treatments works best in many situations. Treatment from your primary care provider may be sufficient if you have a mild mental condition of well-controlled signs. Sometimes, however, a collaborative approach is suitable to ensure that all psychological, social, and medical needs are met. For severe mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, this is particularly important.

While psychiatric drugs do not cure mental illness, symptoms can often improve greatly.

Some of the psychiatric prescription drug types that are most widely used include:


Antidepressants are used to treat anxiety, depression, and other disorders at times. These can help improve conditions such as depression, despair, fatigue, concentration problems, and lack of activity interest. Antidepressants are not harmful, and they do not cause addiction

Anti-anxiety products

Such medications are used to treat symptoms of anxiety, such as generalized social anxiety or panic disorder. These can also help to reduce anxiety and sleeplessness. Generally, long-term anti-anxiety medications are antidepressants that function with anxiety as well. Fast-acting anti-anxiety medication helps with short-term relief, but they do have the potential to cause dependence, so they would better be used on a short-term basis.

Medications that stabilize the mood

Mood stabilizers are most widely used for treating bipolar disorders, including frequent mania and depression periods. Mood stabilizers are sometimes used to treat depression with antidepressant drugs.

Antipsychotic drugs

Antipsychotic drugs, such as schizophrenia, are usually used to treat psychotic disorders. Antipsychotic drugs can also be used to treat anxiety conditions or to treat depression with medications.


Psychotherapy, also known as talking therapy, involves talking to a mental health professional about your illness and related issues. You will hear about your condition and moods, emotions, perceptions, and actions through psychotherapy. You can learn coping skills and stress management skills with the perspectives and understanding you obtain.

Treatments for brain stimulation

Treatments for brain stimulation are often used for anxiety and other conditions of mental health. These are generally reserved for cases where psychotherapy and medicine have not succeeded. These include electroshock therapy, repetitive magnetic transcranial stimulation, deep stimulation of the brain, and stimulation of the vague nerve.

Mental illness can sometimes become so extreme that in a mental health facility, you need care. This is generally recommended if you are unable to take proper care of yourself or if you are in immediate risk of hurting yourself or somebody else. Options include 24-hour hospitalization, partial or day hospital stays, or residential treatment, providing a temporary place to settle with support. Intensive outpatient care may be another option. We are among the best hospital for mental health treatment in Hyderabad.

Depending on your symptoms and severity, your personal preferences, side effects of medication, and other considerations, you and your primary healthcare provider or psychiatrist can decide which treatment is best. In some instances, a mental disorder may be so extreme that it may be necessary for a doctor or adored one to guide your care until you become able to take part in decision making adequately.

Our Doctors – Psychiatrists

Global Hospitals is one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad for the treatment of psychiatric disorders. The real wealth of a person lies in his or her mental health, and we aim to help you as best we can in the treatment of mental health disorders. To help you overcome mental health problems, we employ some of the best psychiatrists in Hyderabad. The team members are empathic individuals on whom you can rely on managing various conditions of mental health. Our doctors are well-trained and have excellent work and skills. We are among the best hospital for mental health treatment in Hyderabad. Our doctors make sure that the patients receive the best of the treatment and give them the best suggestions when it comes to treatment decisions. Our solid infrastructure is well suited for the hospital.

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