Sleep disorders

There are several kinds of sleep disorders. Some of which that are treated at the Gleneagles Global Hospital of Hyderabad are-

  1. Insomnia:This is the most common type of sleep disorder in which the patient has the trouble of not falling asleep. Around 10 – 15% of adults suffer from the problem of sleeplessness. Generally, psychological issues like stress and anxiety cause insomnia. Also, restlessness, when caused due to other factors like pulmonary troubles, gives rise to diseases like Depression, Anxiety, Lack of focus, loss of attention etc.
  2. Idiopathic Hypersomnia:This disease might be considered to be exactly opposite of insomnia. It is caused when a person feels sleepy throughout the day and finds it difficult to wake up early. This disease is characterised by sleeping for as long as 14- 18 hours a day. It might also be caused due to depression.

Medications and proper counselling (if necessary) is provided by the best pulmonologist in Hyderabad as well as the other experienced medical staff at Gleneagles Global to help patients get cured of these sleep disorders as soon

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